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Mike Simon, Gary Schroeder, Steve Moran, Peter Wendinger, Justin Beranek, Tom Moran & Larry Roepke. 


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Peter & Paul Wendinger


How we began . . .

Peter & Paul Wendinger, sons of Herbert & Eleanora Wendinger, grew up on the family farm near St. George, MN. Their parents’ connection with numerous old tyme bands and their love of concertina music was instilled in the hearts of their two “boys”.

On Polka Day, 1962, Peter & Paul’s father bought their first concertina from Christy Hengel’s display in New Ulm. Their first playing engagement was for the wedding reception of their neighbors, George and Marian Altmann. As compensation, each young man received a pair of black socks! Their first actual payment was on January 15, 1964 for the John Deere Day in Gibbon, Minnesota. They received $5.00 for the event!

Peter & Paul were recipients of the Minnesota Music Academy Award and the Minnesota Ballroom Old Tyme Band of the Year Award. In 2005, the brothers were inducted into the World Concertina Congress; and in June of the following year they were inducted into the Polka Hall of Fame at Ironworld in Chisholm, MN. The highlight of their career came about in 2007 when they were inducted into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame in their hometown of New Ulm.

For almost 50 years, Peter & Paul’s unique style of music with two concertinas, accompanied by brass and rhythm sections and four part harmony, captivated audiences of all ages. The younger of the brothers, Paul Wendinger, passed away on November 20, 2010 at the age of 59 years.

Present day musicians with the Wendinger Band are Peter Wendinger, Bandleader – concertina; Steve Moran – trumpet, trombone, keyboard, vocals; Mike Simon – trumpet, trombone, vocals; Gary Schroeder – trumpet, baritone, tuba, baby bass, Larry Roepke – trumpet, trombone, tuba, vocals; and Justin Beranek – percussion & vocals. On occasion, Tom Moran, Steve’s son, joins the band, playing concertina at various events.

The Wendinger Band’s radio show at 12:30 PM is part of the Sunday Polka Parade on KNUJ (860 AM) and knuj.net, keeping them in touch with listening audiences throughout the world-wide web.

Celebrating over 50 years of the rich, musical heritage of New Ulm, Minnesota; the Wendinger Band enjoys entertaining you with their gift of “MUSIC” – the UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE!

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