Wendinger Band Recordings

# 25 - Miles of Smiles - WB2014


Wir  Kommen von Der Bergen (German Polka); Milwaukee Waltz; L-O-V-E  (Two-Step); For the Good Times (Two-Step); Overcoat Polka; Dance Me  Loose (Waltz); When (Two-Step); Puppet on a String (Two-Step); Grain  Belt Polka; Lauri's Laendler; To Know Her (Two-Step); Burger Dance

#24-Following Dreams -WB2013


110  Polka; Beloved Be Faithful (Waltz); Follow That Dream (Two-Step);  Mississippi Valley Polka; How Soon (Two-Step); Honey Bee Waltz; Darktown  Strutter's Ball (Two-Step); Does Your Heart Beat For Me (Two-Step);  Hoop Dee Doo (Polka); Silver Slipper Waltz; Why Polka; Dos a Beer  (Polka) 

#23 - Wind 'er Up - WB2011


Grandfather's Clock Polka; Bobby's Polka; Some Sunday Morning (Two-Step); Homeless Polka; You Can't Be True Dear Waltz; Red Raven Polka; Before the Next Teardrop Falls (Two-Step); Beautiful youth Waltz; Laughing Polka; I want to Dance with You (Two-Step); Hopeless Polka; Morning Glow Waltz; Rainbow Valley Polka; Don't Be Angry (Two-Step); Nebraska Polka; Thanks for the Wonderful Polka Show; Tribute to Paul Wendinger (What a Wonderful World; Amazing Grace

#22 - Merry-Go-Round of Music P&P 2009


Merry-Go-Round Polka;  Foot Steps (Two Step); Somewhere, Somebody's Waiting For You (Waltz); If Jesus Was Norwegian (Polka); Dream Lover (Two-Step); I Owe You (Mother's Day Song); Antone of Tirol (Polka);  In the Garden (Two-Step); Lapp Land Polka; Four in the Morning (Waltz);  Schmaltz Polka; My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You (Two-Step); Greet the  Folks at Home "Helsa" (Waltz); Who the Heck is Johnny? (Polka); God  Bless America, Again (Patriotic Song)

#21 - What Do They Do In Minnesota - P & P 2004


What Do They Do In Minnesota (Polka); Waltz of the Bells; Policeman’s Polka; White Sport Coat; Bill’s Waltz; Polka Radio; Who the Heck is Alice (Polka); Blue Skirt Waltz; Down by the Riverside (Fox Trot); Clarinet Laendler; Auggie’s Polka

#20 - Sometimes I Wish I Was Czech - P & P 1999



Clock on the Steeple Polka; Black Smith Waltz; Prune Dumpling Polka; Long Way To Prague Polka; Clover By The Water Polka; Red Handkerchief Waltz; When I Sleep Polka; "Muziky Muziky" Polka; "Heska Holka" Polka; Prune Song Waltz; Dance Hall Polka; Red Rose Polka; White Horse Polka; Song of Bohemia Waltz; Tinker Polka.

#19 - Highways are Happy Ways P&P1997


Highways are Happy Ways Polka; Kathy's Waltz; Redbird Polka; Isabella Waltz; Strawberries & Raspberries Polka; Vienna Dreams Waltz; Sweet Nearness of You; Cid's Waltz; Learning To Smile All Over Again Polka; Tulips in Amsterdam Waltz; Mary Lou Polka; Remembering Your Wedding Day Waltz; Howard Polka; Faded Rose Waltz 

#18 - Modern Melodies P&P1997



San Antonio Rose; Daddy's Little Girl; Good Hearted Woman; Please Maria Don't You Cry; I Can't Help It; Your Cheatin’ Heart; Cab Driver; Bye Bye Love; Born to Lose; Tie A Yellow Ribbon; Skirts; Harbor Lights; Squaws Along The Yukon; Bye Bye Bis Morgan

#17- A Classic Taste P&P1995



Ole' Ole' Polka; Waltzing In the Snow; Julida Polka; Dutch Festival Waltz; Four Henrys Polka; Mariechen Waltz; Schnapps Polka; From A Window Polka; Tell Me Whose Girl Are You Waltz; Tante Anna Polka; Laendler #11; Come Over Polka; Larry's Schottische; Snow Man Polka

#16 Castle Full of Memories - P&P 1996



How Married Are You Mary Ann Polka; Norwegian Waltz; Unhappy Lover Polka; Tennessee Waltz; Hallo Frau Nachbarin Polka; Trumpeter's Laendler; Button Accordion Polka; I'll Send Roses Waltz; Skip Polka; El Rio Drive Polka; Brewer's Waltz; Beer Bucket Polka; Herzilein Waltz; Kari's Polka; Evening Shadows Waltz; Loveless Polka; Summertime Waltz; Dick's Polka

#14 - Basically Buttons (1991) & #11 Small Small World (1988)



It's a Small, Small World Polka; Wild Rover Waltz,; Pa Pa the Accordion Man Fox Trot; One Eyed Jack Polka; Blue Eyed Dolly Waltz; Fraulein Fox Trot; 

I'll Be the One Polka; Say Thank You Dear Waltz; When the Snow is on the Roses Fox Trot; Three Yanks Polka; Seaman Fox Trot; Flutophone Polka, One Eyed Jack Polka; Goosetown Polka; Pepper Pot Polka; Flutophone Polka; Andy's Polka; Green Is Green Polka; Sharpshooters March; Saddle Horse Polka; Lee's Polka; Elsie's Waltz; Echos In The Hills Waltz; Oh Marie Waltz; Swedish Waltz; Old Man's Waltz; Roller Coaster Polka; Barn Yard Polka Concertina Recording by Peter & Paul & Karl Hartwich

#13 - Partners In Old Tyme - P&P 1991



Let's Have a Party Polka; So Ein Tag Waltz; All in My Love For You Polka; Meadowlark Waltz; Dance With Me Once Again Darlin’ Waltz; Cherry Polka; My Darling Ann Waltz; Stand and Sing Ein Prosit Polka; Yes Dear Waltz; Trumpeter's Echo Polka; You Take Me for Granted Waltz; Where Do The Good Times Go Polka; Kim Marie Waltz; When I Get To Heaven Polka; 

Twilight in Bohemia Waltz

#12 - Oktoberfest P&P1990



Ein Prosit; Innsbruck I Love You; Anneliese Polka; Kufstein Lied Waltz; Kleine Kinder; Schnitzel Bank; In Leben; Aber Dicht Gibts nur Eimal Furmich; Dance Little Bird; Bubi Bubi noch Eimal Waltz; In Himmel Gibt's Kein Bier Polka; Hatten Wir Lieber Das Geilt ver Grabben; Edelweiss Waltz; Beer Barrel Polka; Schnee Walzer; Seeman; Erika Waltz; Lichtensteiner Polka; Bohmerwald; Fraulein; New Ulm Waltz; Mussidenn; Say Thank You Dear Waltz; Lili Marlene; German Medley; Auf Wiedersehn

Songs added on CD: 

Bye Bye Bis Morgan (Two step); So Ein Tag (Two- Step); Hallo Frau Nachbarin (Polka); Herzilein Waltz; Schnapps Polka; Tante Anna Polka; Isabella Waltz

#10 Gold Tyme Memories (1986) & #9 Brewed In New Ulm (1984)


Oh Baby Mine Polka; Could I Have This Dance Waltz; Girls, Girls, Girls Polka; Waltz Time Waltz; In Leben Polka; Horses Don't Bet on People Waltz; One Dozen Roses Polka; Squirly Shirley Polka; Good-Bye Polka; Memories Waltz; Black Crow Polka; Oh Studanke (Czech Waltz); Christmas Toy Polka; Oklahoma Waltz, Happy Anniversary; Hello Mary Lou Polka; Moonbeams Waltz; Kleine Kinder (Little Children); Fishin' Minnesota; You & Me; Eviva Espania Polka; Blackbird Waltz; Dream, Dream, Dream; Opice Polka (Monkey Polka); Starlight Waltz

#8 - Bellows & Brass With Class - P&P 1982


Bright Star Polka; Oh Lord It's Hard to be Humble Waltz; Hatten Wir Lieber Das Gelt Ver Grabben Waltz; Mussiden (Wooden Heart) Polka; Memories are Made of This Fox Trot; Pepper Pot; Waltz Across Texas; Invisible Tear Fox Trot; Old Man's Waltz; She's Too Hot for Me Polka; The West a Nest and You Dear Waltz; When I Sleep Polka; Pearl of Tirol (Das Kufstein Lied) Waltz; Fiddlin' Bones Polka; Beautiful, Beautiful Brown Eyes Waltz; Like a Rose Polka; Welcome to My World Fox Trot; Hangover Waltz; Schneider Polka; Forever and Ever Waltz; My Little Corner of the World Fox Trot; Foolish Polka; Midnight Waltz; Pioneer Schottische; 

Sliphorn Laendler

#7 - Everywhere You Go - P&P 1980


 Everywhere You Go Polka; Come Waltz With Me; Strip Polka; Little Village Waltz; New California Polka; Dreamy Fish Waltz; Reh Braune Augen Waltz; Essig Polka; Lucille Waltz; Little Dick’s Polka; Going Back to My Homeland Waltz;  Polish Girlfriend Polka   

#6 - Sing the Polka Mass - P&P1979


The Angelus; Prayer of the Faithful; At the Sacrifice; Chapel in the Valley; Lord Have Mercy; Under the Skies of Blue; We Come to You Oh Lord; Lord I'm Not Worthy; Hail Mary; Adio; God Bless America; Let The Sun Shine In; We Offer Bread and Wine; Amazing Grace   

#5 - Music from New Ulm - P&P1977


 Dance Hall Polka; New Ulm Waltz; Fritzie Polka; Over Three Hills Waltz; Let The Sun Shine In Polka; Snow Waltz; Lapp Land Polka; Lili Marlene; Prune Dumpling Polka; This Is My Heart Laendler; Apples Peaches; Pumpkin Pie Polka; Play More Waltz; Red Head Polka; German Medley Waltzes; Happy Hour Waltz; White Horse Polka; Stone Heart Polka; Putzig Polka; Joe The Dandy Schottische; Blue Skirt Waltz; Who’d You Like To Love Ya Polka; Paloma Blanca Polka; Beautiful Rose Waltz; Happy Wanderer Polka; Maybe She’s Lonesome Waltz; Long Way To Prague Polka; Waltz Of The Angels; Auf WiedersehnOpice Polka  

#1 - Peter & Paul Wendinger Twin Concertina - P&P1968



Johnny’s Knocking Polka; Adrian Polka; Helget’s Waltz; Echo In The Hills Waltz; Clarinet Laendler #1;  

La Golandrina Waltz; Dutch Maid Waltz; When I Sleep Polka; New California Polka; Heska Holka Polka; Our Mike Polka; Tavern Waltz